Have you run YouTube ads for your nonprofit hoping to get people to donate but not getting the results you hoped for? In this blog post I’ll share with you a method we tried at year-end giving that produced stellar results for our client. (more…)

conversions-hpWhen assisting clients with their Google Adwords campaigns one of the issues that pops up again and again is how to interpret the conversion data.

If you have Google Adwords linked with your Google Analytics account (and you should), you may have noticed a discrepancy between the number of conversions recorded through Adwords versus Google Analytics.

For a recent client of ours you can see below that 20 conversions were recorded on Adwords from three separate campaigns. (more…)

Are you managing your Adwords campaigns based on a hunch or are you making decisions based on actionable data? Linking your campaigns to Google Analytics will provide a treasure trove of useful information that can save you money and produce better results. The example below demonstrates how.

One of my clients was spending half their budget on a campaign that asked people to sign a pledge supporting girls’ education in Africa. The campaign went live in early 2016 and at first glance, the numbers reported in Adwords appear great. (more…)

rocketship2Does your nonprofit use Google Adwords to raise donations? Whether a text or banner ad, the creative probably asks for a donation and sends potential supporters directly to a donate form right? Based on my experience this is the wrong approach. Below I explain the technique I recently used for year-end fundraising campaigns to achieve much better results. (more…)

plant2As we approach the end of year, nonprofits are in the process of getting their house in order so that they can take advantage of the surge in fundraising that’s about to come. Last year, according to Network for Good, non profits raised slightly more than 30 percent of their entire year’s fundraising in December.

One of my clients (which shall remain nameless) has been making improvements throughout the year which will hopefully bear fruit at this critical time of year.

Here are several mistakes of note that needed to be fixed and how we went about doing it.

Sending only one email per month:
Most of us already feel bombarded by emails, but sending only one email per month makes it difficult to stay front of mind. While the organization in question has limited staff resources, they are now sending one email per week on average. One way they were able to do this easily is by sending upcoming event emails which are easy to draft. Prior to this they simply listed all events in their monthly newsletter. (more…)